The Catalan Language

Catalan_LanguageThe Catalan language, in its various forms, is spoken by ten million people throughout Europe. In Spain, Catalan is the official language of the autonomous regions of Catalonia, the Valencian Country, and the Balearic Islands. It is also the official language of a small sovereign state, the Principality of Andorra. In addition, the Catalan language is also native to the eastern fringe of the region of Aragon in Spain, the Department of Pyrénées-Orientales in France, and the town of Alghero in the island of Sardinia, Italy.

The Catalan Institute of America is proud to be one of the premier institutions for Catalan language instruction in North America, with regularly scheduled Catalan classes for both children and adults throughout the year. In addition, the Catalan Institute is officially recognized as a Catalan Overseas Community (Comunitat Catalana de l’Exterior) by the Catalan Government, serving as a meeting point for Catalan-speakers in the New York City area.

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