The Catalan Institute of America stands with democracy

The democratically-elected government of Catalonia intends to hold a referendum on independence on October 1, 2017. The majority of the Catalan Parliament has been elected to carry out this referendum. 

Eighty percent of the Catalan population, whether in favor of or opposed to independence, have expressed their wish to vote, to express their opinion using the instruments of democracy. They have repeatedly ratified this wish through massive peaceful demonstrations. 

In response, the Spanish government has been escalating activities designed to inspire fear among the Catalan people, seizing posters, entering and searching printing presses and newspapers. Mayors are being called to testify despite the lack of real charges. 

These intimidating actions have culminated today in an assault by the Civil Guard (the Spanish government police force) on the Departments of Economy, Social Affairs, Governance, and Foreign Affairs of the legitimate government of Catalonia. They are cutting off internet access, seizing papers, and arresting officials. 

This is an assault on the right of Catalan citizens to vote, but it is above all an assault on democracy. The Catalan Institute of America rejects this attempt to intervene in the autonomous government of Catalonia and continues to support the October 1st referendum as the best way for Catalans to express their democratic rights and decide their future.   


The Catalan Institute of America